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About Tullamore?

Most central town in Ireland

The Tullamore & District Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organisation and was established in 1976. Since inception the Chamber has effectively represented the views and aspirations of the business community through lobbying, representation, dialogue and proposals or submissions. The Chamber has grown from strength to strength with over one hundred members registered in 2005.

The Tullamore & District Chamber of Commerce is managed by an elected council, of approximately twenty representatives.

The Chamber President and Council are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting

The Chamber office is located at Market Square Suites, Market Square, Tullamore, County Offaly, in the centre of Ireland.

At the Chamber Council monthly meeting, the group chairperson reports on key activities/developments actioned during the month. All activities are monitored against group goals and objectives set at the beginning of the year. At the monthly meeting key issues are debated and actions agreed where appropriate.

By concentrating on the areas listed above the Chamber attempts to highlight specific needs and issues to be addressed, bringing these to the attention of Government bodies and relevant voluntary organisations.

Through continuous interaction and dialogue with a variety of organisations the Chamber is kept informed of pending changes and developments within the community. We strive to provide a greater awareness of proposed changes and developments and where appropriate provide feedback in the form of constructive criticism or counter proposals.

A proactive approach is employed by, submitting proposals for inclusion in key development plans or initiatives e.g. Town and County Development Plans, Spatial Strategy Initiative; etc.

The Chamber remains actively involved by participating on boards and committees of a variety of key organisations e.g. County Development Board; County Enterprise Board; SPC; IBAL etc.

The Chamber provides a number of support services for local businesses.
The Tullamore & District Chamber is affiliated to the Chamber of Commerce Ireland (CCI) and plays an active role in various strategic initiatives or projects of national importance.

Goals and Objectives
·- Influence and accelerate change in the interest of overall economic/social development.
·- Create awareness through timely communication of accurate and factual information.
·- Challenge and provide counter development plan proposals, where appropriate.
·- Make independent submissions for key development initiatives.
·- Create a forum that will promote greater interaction and awareness between Local Government and Voluntary Organisations.
·- Expand The Chamber membership to improve economic viability.

The following are some examples of recent achievements:
· A detailed submission made to the Special Strategy Initiative.
· Detailed submission made to Town and County Development Plans.
· Organisation of an interactive information session on broadband communication technology.
· Detailed representation made with respect to proposed increase in rates and water charges.
· Organisation of a variety of training and development programmes e.g. eBusiness use of Internet etc.
· Promotion of Tullamore at various tourist events.
· Participation in CCI events and programmes of national significance.

The Future
Going forward the Chamber plans to expand its membership in order to sustain economic viability and broaden all areas of activity. As Tullamore and District enters a period of significant change, we face many tough challenges as we attempt to accelerate and control progress. For this reason it is vital that all organisations and individuals pull together, combining skills and resources to achieve a positive outcome. We at the Chamber appeal to every business/organisation within Tullamore and District who are not yet members, to give serious consideration to joining the Chamber where you can have a voice and make a difference. 

Tullamore & District Chamber
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