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Tullamore Chamber Publish Submission to Draft National Planning Framework

10th November 2017



It is most efficient when people live close to high quality employment and service clusters. This is the central point of the draft NPF. It is one that gives high regard to efficient delivery of services, quality of life and environmental sustainability. The logic and ideology underpinning the NPF is to be commended.

Promoting increased urban density requires political will and statutory oversight. This is rightly emphasised in the draft, but while the NPF will assuredly exert hierarchical influence over future development plans, it is of utmost importance that horizontal integration of the NPF is extended across all departments, agencies and bodies with direct oversight and budgetary controls over distinct infrastructural areas such as transport, healthcare and foreign direct investment, for example.

Promoting increased urban density requires sufficient levels of investment in key enabling infrastructure. Crucially, the NPF will set the context for a new National Investment Plan (NIP) 2018-2027.

When finalised, the NPF will impose hierarchical influence over future regional and county development plans. False assumptions contained in the current draft, which potentially limit scope for growth in individual towns or regions, must be eliminated from the final document.

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