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Shannon dredging and clearing work is postponed

14th February 2018

DREDGING and clearing work on the Shannon was due to recommence on Monday but it had to be postponed due to high river levels.

The IFA Flood Project Chairman Padraic Joyce told the Midland Tribune that maintenance was carried out last year at Madden’s Island, downstream of Banagher, where trees had been impacting on the flow of the river. Further works are to be carried out at Madden’s Island in early 2018 when the next environmental window for works will allow.

In September an enormous amount of silt was dredged from the river at Muckinish, near Meelick. Half of the width of the River at Muckinish was blocked with silt and emergent vegetation. A silt curtain was installed at this freed-up section to prevent it from silting up again.

OPW Minister Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran told the Tribune in September that his intention was to tackle about ten pinchpoints along the Shannon system each year. In January he announced that the clearance works would recommence on February 5. It’s expected a new date will be chosen shortly.

Padraic Joyce said the works will have to commence very shortly because there is only a short window between now and the beginning of the nesting season later in the Spring. He said the IFA hopes the OPW will tackle seven locations on the river during the next couple of months, and remove silt and other material

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