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Tullamore library to open 365 days of the year

26th June 2018

TULLAMORE library is set to open at 8am and remain open until 10pm each evening seven days a week 365 days of the year. 

The change is a result of the ''My Open Library'' initiative and according to Deputy Marcella Corcoran Kennedy, those libraries involved will continue to be fully staffed during the normal working hours. ''There will be no decrease in staffing hours under this arrangement.,'' she states.

Tullamore, Ferbane, Edenderry, and Banagher will pilot the “My Open Library” initiative. The ambitious five year Library Strategy includes the complete abolition of library fines and the roll out of the “My Open Library” initiative which will see a significant increase in library opening times in 100 of the 330 library branches around the country.

“This is great news for library users across Offaly. With the abolition of all fines and increased opening hours in many of our local libraries, I hope that more people will visit and use their local libraries.

The four towns in Offaly will be among the initial tranche of libraries in which ''My Open Library'' will be rolled out and the extended opening hours will be implemented by autumn of this year.

''The remaining libraries to avail of the initiative will be identified during the course of the strategy and I hope to see more libraries in Offaly benefitting from this wonderful initiative.

“The increase in opening hours is made possible by the provision of self-service technology; library users will be able to scan books in and out when the libraries are unmanned. Libraries will continue to be fully staffed during normal working hours,'' said Deputy Corcoran Kennedy. 

“Last year, Minister Ring allocated €3.4 million for self-service technology, books and hot desking facilities in preparation for the rollout of this strategy. Local authorities invested a further €1.2 million. I know there will be further investment by Minister Ring in library buildings, improving services and technology in order to ensure that our libraries thrive.

“The Government is working to ensure active library membership increases from 16  per cent of the population to 30 per cent by 2022. This strategy focuses on removing barriers to access by eliminating fines and other charges, and challenging the belief that the library is only for certain sectors of society.”



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