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Former Councillor Calls on Council to Wake Up and Make Decisions

10th August 2017

Ger Scully

A Former Councillor has called on the Municipal District Council "to wake up and make some decisions".

Speaking in light of the delay in agreeing a plan for O'Connor Square, Sean O'Brien said it seemed the councillors "simply cannot or do not want to take decisions."

Mr O'Brien, a former independent and Labour member of =Tullamore Town Council and Offaly County Council, said: "It is high time that the Tullamore Municipal District Council woke up and took an active role in ensuring that Tullamore moves forward.'

He added: "Tullamore town centre badly needs a lift and an inactive council which cannot take decisions is not what we need just now."

a letter to this week's Tribune, Mr O'Brien said he made his comments following a report in last week’s edition concerning the stalemate over O’ Connor Square.

"After 14 months of talk and 20 different drawings there is still no decision on the future plans. I fully agree with Cllr Tommy McKeigue that it is time for decision and let the people decide as the councillors simply cannot or do not want to take decisions."

"Cllr McKeigue is the only voice that I hear speaking out. Where are all the other councillors?" asked Mr O'Brien.

was a meeting on 31st July behind closed doors with no local press allowed in. There have been numerous meetings like this held in private with the public being kept in the dark. It seems to me that non Tullamore based councillors are setting the agenda."

we had the Town Council we all worked together for the betterment of the town. We developed the DEW Heritage Centre which eventually led to the establishment of the new Distillery; the new indoor Swimming Pool was built; the Town Park was developed; a big investment was made in town centre development to ensure that the Fleadh Ceoil was a success over three years and Bury Quay was pedestrianised and developed.

"These were all decisive actions taken in consultation and partnership with the people of the town."


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