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Chambers Ireland welcomes St. Patrick’s Day Trade Missions

13th March 2018

Chambers Ireland has today (13 March 2018) welcomed St. Patrick’s Day trade missions.

Speaking this morning, Chambers Ireland Chief Executive, Ian Talbot said,

“We welcome the level of activity by Ministers this year with visits to over 30 international destinations. No other country in the world can generate such positive global profile for itself every year and we should leverage this to the maximum extent possible.

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated across the world and, as Ireland’s national day of celebration, it is a unique window for us to really showcase the country as a place to visit and do business and to promote Irish companies, products and services in vital, post-Brexit export markets.

It is important to capitalise on this attention and take the opportunity to put forward the best possible case for Irish products and services by meeting with as many business leaders in as many locations as possible.

We support the Government’s initiatives to build on our reputation and seek new opportunities.

At a time when our economy faces many challenges from global events beyond our control, it is an ideal time to develop friendships and partnerships in a wide variety of different markets. The schedules of activity for each Minister travelling overseas will help garner interest in our services and products and will hopefully result in fruitful partnerships. We wish them every success. ” he concluded.

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