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€4,000 raised at KMK collection day for Cappincur

27th July 2017

KMK are delighted to announce €4,800 was raised at the recent collection day in Tullamore in sponsorship of Cappincur GAA Club.

KMK would like to thank everyone who came out to the facility last Saturday to recycle their old waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Over 10 tonnes of WEEE was collected and subsequently recycled during the event. By recycling this electrical waste, we're all doing our bit to make Ireland a better, greener place.

The Open Day, held on the 15th of July, was in sponsorship of Cappincur GAA Club, who invited the public to bring waste metal and WEEE products for recycling to fundraise for their club.

The event raised €4,800 for the club including a donation of €300 from Clearcircle /Galway Metals!

"Thanks to all who helped out and to all who gave the metal, batteries, washing machines etc. for recycling. And a big thank you to KMK Metals Recycling for giving Cappincur GAA the opportunity, much appreciated", stated Larry Carey, Secretary, Cappincur GAA.

If you are a home owner with waste electrical and electronic equipment, KMK Metals Recycling regularly host WEEE open days across the country where you can recycle your waste. These collection day events are free of charge and we will take anything with a plug or battery, said a spokesman for KMK.

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