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March 2021 - Matching enterprises surplus or unwanted devices with schools for home school activities. Led by NIS with Tullamore Chamber.

Lock-down and remote learning has created demand for IT resources at home. Many students are sharing devices and smart phones are not always suitable for learning. Our aim is to help Schools obtain a device for students that have limited or no access.

How can you help?

  • Business/staff donate unwanted working devices; Tablets & Notebooks.
  • Ideally the device will have been in use recently but has been replaced as                                                                                                  part of a refresh or upgrade and no longer required.
  • Please note - This is NOT an equipment disposal exercise.

What we will do;

  • We will collect from your workplace.
  • We will repurpose Laptops/Tablets for school activities at home.
  • We will firstly permanently erase all data and then install basic software.
  • We will deliver devices to local Schools who then will distribute devices to students.

Your donated device;

  • Must be in working order [we are repurposing not recycling]
  • Must include power supply and any other necessary accessory.
  • Must have working wi-fi.
  • Ideally should have working front-facing camera.
  • We will not be sourcing spare parts or upgrades
  • Devices will be wiped and rebuilt with basic software for internet access.


  • Responsible for distribution to students
  • Keeping appropriate records
  • Waivers /disclaimers etc. on use. Students
  • Provide and connecting to their own wi-fi.
  • Backup of any work not stored in cloud. There will be no technical support, devices not functioning correctly returned to school and swapped where possible.

For further information please contact gbuckley@nis.ie or info@tullamorechamber.com



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