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No Deal Scenario - Last Updated 20.03.19


1.Exporting to the United Kingdom

At this time HMRC do not require Certificates of Origin from third countries and this is indicated to be position with regards to Exports from EU countries to the UK.

Individual customers may however require Certificates depending on their own needs or that of their customers located in third countries.

It your business may require Certificates of Origin, it is advisable to have completed registration documents in advance to avoid any delays. Please email us for further information. 


2. Importing from the United Kingdom

VAT at Point of Entry; The Brexit Omnibus Bill includes a provision that VAT on UK imports will not be payable at the point of entry, and instead can be accounted for in existing regular bi-monthly returns.

Tariffs and customs clearance will still be required.

Confirm your INCOTERMS with your suppliers to determine what obligations will fall to you.

You will need an EORI number



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